Virtuoso Fitness

For Dancers

StatueDancers are required to be both artists and athletes; they must be able to physically withstand the demands of their art. While dancers take technique classes to hone their artistry, the traditions from which these classes spring put very little emphasis on training the fitness needs of the dancing body. Dancers are expected to maintain top physical fitness in all areas: strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, power, and body composition. Yet few classes are able to focus on all of these aspects while also training for artistry. This places dancers at risk for injury and limits their potential for development. For these reasons, dancers must supplement their training with physical conditioning.

Personal training services

With an extensive dance background, Virtuoso Fitness is dedicated to providing personal training services to dancers at an affordable rate. Utilizing an understanding of the specific needs of dancers, we will develop a program to address your individual fitness profile. We will take your technical goals and any previous injuries into consideration to design a conditioning regimen tailored to you. Please contact us to discuss special rates for dance students and professionals.

Injury prevention services

Virtuoso Fitness is available for injury prevention and risk assessment consultation. See Services for details.