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Injury prevention consultation and education for athletes and dancers

Virtuoso Fitness is available for consultations and workshops to assess potential injury risks within your organization and to educate your athletes and dancers on injury prevention strategies. These services are appropriate for high school and summer athletic programs, and dance programs at the private, pre-professional, summer intensive, collegiate, or professional level. Risk factor consultations can include environmental examination, training/rehearsal schedule assessment, and analysis of choreography. Injury prevention education can be set up as one-time workshops or ongoing classes, depending on the needs of your program. Topics can include common injuries and risks, individual risk factor analysis, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and a session of The Exquisite Athlete: Fitness for Dancers (see below). Contact us for booking.

The Exquisite Athlete: Fitness for Dancers

This group class for dancers is all about providing the extra conditioning dancers need to reach their maximum potential and guard against injury. The Exquisite Athlete: Fitness for Dancers is broken into sections aiming to train each of the aspects of fitness required to be a versatile dancer: cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, balance and coordination, and flexibility. Once the dancer has developed a strong fitness base, he or she is free to be a truly exquisite artist.

Please check back for a schedule of classes. If you are interested in adding The Exquisite Athlete: Fitness for Dancers to your class programming, please contact us.

Personal training

Personal training with Virtuoso Fitness is for anyone who wants to get more out of their fitness routine. Whether you are a fitness newbie looking to learn how to work out safely and effectively, someone recovering from an injury, a seasoned athlete or dancer wanting to gain the extra edge, or someone wanting to improve your overall health through exercise and nutrition, Virtuoso Fitness can provide the expertise and motivation to reach your goal.

How it works:

  1. Schedule a FREE fitness assessment, during which we will determine your current level of fitness, discuss your goals and any physical limitations, and begin to design a program tailored to your individual needs.
  2. Set two short-term, two medium-term, and two long-term goals for your health, fitness, and lifestyle.
  3. Get to work achieving your goals! We will provide fun, specific workouts, all while keeping you motivated and accountable.

Contact us to schedule your FREE assessment!

Small group training

Use your friends to increase your motivation and chances for success! Working in groups of two or three, the fitness, fun, and savings are magnified. We will lead your small group through fitness activities geared towards each of your goals, while teaching you how to assist each other and spot common errors in technique. And, the initial assessment session is FREE! So grab a buddy, grab your water bottle, and get ready to challenge each other to reach your best!